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It has been too long

since I last found some time to write about my recent biking experiences. Let's face it. Busy lives, so many things to do and yes, indeed, some procrastination and there you go. No updates on the blog for while.

But the good news is that it didn't happen with biking! Today I started my 98th consecutive week with at least one ride on Strava to hit my counters. With 7930 km this year I'm 409 km in advance for my yearly goal of 9000 km. Obviously we're in the dark period. The one with little daylight, the one where more than one friend gives up because of wind, rain or cold... Also the period where you can make the difference. By saying "Yes I can", by having this little additional courageous moment of faith in your goals, grab your bike and go out. Zwift is still my friend for when the Belgian fall/winter dreadful weather-God spoils the party for the bravest. No guilt for going Zwift, still love it and it's hard work too. However, I do prefer outside biking and I will try to stick to it for as long as I can. This morning's ride was tarnished by a solid crash. Many leaves on the road and I stuck my wheel in a tiny intersection next to the paved way. I fell and was very lucky that the other members of the pack avoided me. A couple of bruises and a front wheel to fix but no more harm than that.

I was surprised to see the Strava read-out on the segment where I fell.

You notice the drop from 28 km/h to zero and that's expected when you fall of course. The Garmin Emergency calling to my wife did what was expected too. I aborted this as I didn't want to frighten her and I wasn't needing any help. My Giro helmet also did his job as expected and I still don't understand why helmets aren't mandatory in Belgium, but anyhow... What struck me is the spike in hrm when I hit the road. What a magnificent machine is our human body. An immediate 20 hrm boost to pump adrenaline in my veins, induced by fear, designed to let me cope with the danger faster and stronger. Marvelous! The little spike in cadence is when my wheel didn't touch the ground anymore and, to make it complete, the second drop in speed is when I stopped again after realizing my steering wheel was at a 20 degrees angle. Adrenaline probably pushed me to go on without a thorough check ;-) My bike will be checked by a professional later this week. I don't want any excuse for hitting the 99th or 100th week...

Keep on biking!

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1 Comment

Dirk Hoorelbeke
Dirk Hoorelbeke
Nov 13, 2021

Keep on biking Stéphane!!

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