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HPE BeLux Management Off Site #flandrienhotel

Each year the HPE BeLux management teams spends 2 days at a remote location to work at our business plan. The continuous interrupts we have at the office are muted by leaving the office and going off site. We foresee breaks to cope with the business imperatives and our back-ups are "in charge" while we try to fire our neurons to tackle the medium term challenges we want to overcome. It's an highly effective meeting and we do in 48 hours what could take 6 weeks! At the same time we create a bond between ourselves, growing from individuals to team as time passes by. The "We before I" value of the company on steroids.

This year we went to the Flandrien Hotel in Parike ran by Jamie Anderson, Bernard Moerman and his wife Ann. I was connected with Jamie through LinkedIn and knew he was active in research and teaching focused on creativity, innovation, leadership and corporate renewal with a touch of humor. His professional cycling background and promotion of sport as a business enabler was resonating so well with my own mantra that we quickly aligned on the best program for our team.

A keynote on Creative Leadership to start with, some intense business sessions on how to serve our customers with passion and devotion, oxygen rich breaks, a cooking class with healthy food and a long evening to exchange views on cycling, business and anything we love to conclude the first day. A second day with additional business topics, a mindfulness break with a delicious apple directly picked from the tree, some creative ideas and also a topic we couldn't fully agree about which will need an additional session at the office to "Adopt and Go".

It all ended with a cycling tour with some team members on road bikes, some on e-bikes and some hiking to a meeting point at the Toepkapel. It was fabulous to combine work and wellness in a unique blend enabling creativity at best. And creativity is pointed as the single most important soft skills for managers in a vuca-world!

Certainly a real-life enforcement of the Biking for Managers point of view.

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