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How it all began

I'm not an athlete - just Strava gives me this title - and I always had sitting sedentary jobs.

About 10 years ago I lost my job in a reorganization and part of the package was a personal coach in the framework of an outplacement service. A very interesting experience as it became rapidly obvious that I would continue working for large organizations in sales, marketing or management roles with a huge portion of my time sitting at a desk.

Speaking with Herman (the coach) I discussed about the lack of wellness, the right mix between business and leisure and by chance he told me he was also active in a Mont Ventoux for Managers journey and that he would be happy to let me join the group.

My story with biking was one of mixed feelings. I hated this stupid invention as a kid when I had to use a bike to go to school in rain and wind. I was delighted to get rid of it when I learned to drive a car and could benefit from the joys of the combustion engine. Afterwards I got interested in biking again but mainly to go to nice restaurants with a friend. I purchased an entry level Decathlon road bike somewhere in the nillies and biked some 300 km/annum when Herman spoke to me about the Mont Ventoux. What a challenge and I certainly realized I should have kept my mouth shut.

Well, not really as Herman and his team were real professionals. In 6 months time they "prepped" me physically and mentally. I swapped my Decathlon for a Scott CR1 with Shimano 105 box and on June 4th, 2011 I reached the top of the MV being tired but delighted!

Since then I'm an avid biker and returned to Bédouin twice to enjoy this mythical ascend in beautiful Provence.

I also realized that the distance home to school when I was a kid was a mere 2 km and that things can change in a lifetime!

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