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Gear, cadence and hrm

I told you in a previous post that I have a Di-2 sensor tracking which gear I use. I also said it's pretty geeky to have that as the use of the generated data, for the pure cycle tourist I am, was rather limited.

But many friendly cyclists continue to motivate me to pedal lightly. Lightly meaning a higher cadence and using the small chain ring with 34 teeth.

Well, an added value of analytics is to prove it's a good advice!

Look at lines 3 and 4 of the table produced by di2stats based on one of my last rides.

↦ With 50x25 I consume 158 heartbeats to generate an average speed of 24.6 kph

↦ With 34x16 I only need 128 heartbeats for about the same speed...

Obviously the grade was a little bit different but bye and large you will have less lactic acid with a lighter gearing and will improve your condition rapidly. A challenge for the Canal-Pounders we are. Alongside the Albert Canal, wind in the face and pushing hard isn't probably the best muscle friendly activity!

So, next tour, let's try to move up the cadence 😎

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