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Bike the Talk

January comes to an end and based on a Forbes article most studies agree that one third of the New Year resolutions already fail after the first month. My personal opinion is that those who give advice, like I do, are morally obliged to "walk the talk" and practice what they preach. On the other hand I'm always joking with people making their lives with investment advice. Obviously if their advice was exceptional they wouldn't have to give it to earn their living, isn't it?

As told earlier I don't publish this blog for living and I just want to share my experience to inspire and not to make any money. So, did I "Biked the talk" in January?

Yes! This was my best January since I started tracking with 7% more kilometers than my previous record. Weather was an absolute handicap and I had to take some bold decisions to take some risks on icy roads. I believe it's the first time I experience the cracking sound of ice crystals under the pressure of my tires...

Zwift came in very handy when it was too dangerous and obviously my promise to you, to bike the talk and practice what I preach was very helpful. I also strongly recommend the Strava challenges as motivating events.

The challenge really pushes you for the extra mile and I wanted to continue my good practice of walking daily as break between the various teleconferences my work imposes on me. I just missed 3 out of 20 due to business imperatives having ultimately a higher priority as they involved our customers.

It came very natural to compensate the missed walks with additional hikes during the weekend.

The Training Log in Strava is an outstanding tool to see your progress by sport and to separate the walks from the rides or to make the distinction between virtual and physical rides.

So, as mentioned in earlier posts it's all about finding the reason to say "Yes". Killing the excuses, finding motivation in challenges, tracking systems, your networks and the many friends who help you forward.

Sic Moventur and enjoy it!

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