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Make sure you kill the excuses

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

OK, you are convinced you need to exercise and when you come home, or leave your home office nowadays, you're tired and you need this extra boost of energy to keep your promise to yourself that you will workout.

Any excuse will help you go for the couch instead of the gym or the road. Here are my tips to increase your odds to take the right decision:

↦ Plan to train with a friend/club - It's more difficult to disappoint another person

↦ Tell people upfront you plan to train - Same moral obligation to go

↦ Make sure your outfit and equipment is clean and at hand - When you see your bike waiting for you in the corridor it's harder to skip the training

↦ Make sure everything that needs to be recharged is - Hmm, no battery charge in my rear light excuse is gone

↦ Unbutton your first button as a first reflex - You need to change from your work attire to the sporty one, the most difficult button is the first one and the others will follow automatically

↦ Have an indoor alternative - Dark, cold or rainy weather is not an excuse if your Tacx is at hand. Zwift is way better than couch!

↦ Prepare a reward if you keep your promise - For me, as a Belgian guy, I awarded myself with a portion of fries if I did 2h of biking!

It's all about those small triggers which could move the needle both ways. Remember that in 99% of the cases you will be very happy to have taken the decision to do some sport within the first 5 minutes of the workout. The pride of keeping your promise and the expected outcome of better condition and health are way bigger than the weakness of the temptation of laziness. And, Netflix is still there tomorrow 😂

What is your best tip to keep moving? Please share with us!

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