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About Me

From sedentary to active lifestyle

I became a manager at HP in 1997 and during the induction to management course I learned that my life expectancy was going to drop significantly. Working, eating and drinking too much, huge levels of stress and spending all my time and energy in meetings, customer calls, reviews and more would take its toll. My level of fitness was predicted to bottom and my cholesterol would go through the roof. Doctor Michael McGannon had an attractive program with 5 W's (Water, Wind, Workout, Walk and Wine!) designed to help managers cope with the challenge.

Obviously I understood the rationale and did my very best to follow the wise advice I received but business dominated my agenda and sport didn't reach the shortlist. Gradually I took some weight, lost my edge and energy, tried to play some golf (as it was fit for business I believed), did a remarkable effort to play the piano (my teacher was as relieved as me when I stopped)  and it took till 2010 till I found the perfect recipe to reach balance between the business and me.

After 10 years of experience I dare to say the blending is sustainable and effective.

The right blend between business activities and wellness activities is so powerful. Workaholics have an issue. Sports addicts too! But those who find the right mix will be very succesful in business, healthy and eventually happy...

The purpose of this site is to share my experience, my story, the tips and tricks which helped me during the journey. Maybe inspiring for some or community building for other.


If humans were meant to be seated all day they wouldn't have feet and legs

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